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Ogmore Beachfront

There are several hotspots that can be fished on Ogmore sea front although in reality you can fish anywhere you can pitch a rod stand. The beachfront at Ogmore has traditionally always been known as a high water venue although present day it is increasingly being fished with some success over low, especially when targeting specimen rays that make an appearance spring & autumn. The beach to the East of the river mouth is a great place to target specimen Small Eyed Rays at low water using up & over pulley rigs and sandeel as bait. Next to this there is the shingle beach at Fishermans rock in front of the car park.This is an easy place to fish high water in winter when looking for codling and whiting. It is also known to turn up turbot in early spring. If you keep heading east through the five bar gate at the end of the car park is an outcrop of rock known as "Cod Gulley". The mark is fished over high water for Small eyed rays and conger eel in spring & Autumn, and Cod in the winter. Rigs used should be 3/0 pulley pennell with 5oz/150g grip weights to hold in the tide, which is partularly strong on the drop. Suggested baits are Sandeel and squid in the summer, and lug and squid in the winter.

Further east again around the next bay ( Hardys) are the ledges known as the Sea lawns, so called because of their proximity to the old Sea lawns hotel. Similar tactics will produce the same results as the gulley, including the chance of a specimen Conger eel. I will add a note of caution to both these marks. Both are South Westerly facing so are prone to being submerged by sea swells in even the calmest weather Please check weather conditions and sea state before fishing here, never fish alone and always respect the Sea.

Ogmore Beach Front Ogmore Beach Front Ogmore Beach Front

Last but certainly not least is the infamous "Ogmore Deeps" . Famous for its haul of 20lb cod caught almost daily in the 1980's Ogmore Deeps is a large causeway of rock found to the east of Ogmore village. It can be reached either from the carpark at the rivermouth or the car park over the cattle grid at the other side of the village.At 400 yards long you would be forgiven for thinking there is plenty of room to fish however in reality there are really only 3 or 4 places you can safely put a rodstand and cast. Caution is again advised when fishing here. As it is south westerly facing , the Deeps bears the brunt of any weather thrown in its direction. Also the ledges slope away from the waters edge and the sea especially on big tides has a tendency to fill in from behind on the lower middle ledges , trapping the angler at the waters edge . It is advisable to never fish alone and never to take you eyes from the sea. The ground in front is a mixture of sand broken rock and coral. Personally I don't think a weak link weight system is needed as although there is rock it is possible due to the angle of retrieve to get most of your end tackle back. Best spots to fish are the high ledges at either end of the deeps and an area in the middle where there is a lower ledge 10ft wide that is ideal for landing fish.

Ogmore Deeps fishes all year round and it is posible to find many different species there. Of coure there is chance of a big Cod using live bait rigs at distance, but it has an awesime reputation Smoothound, specimen rays , conger eel, bulllhuss and of course Bass. Baits fished in close , either float fished or ledgered will turn up Pollack or Pouting. A whole squid or mackerel bait could also entice a monster conger eel to make an appearance. The rigs used will depend on the target species . Pulley rigs or Up and Over rigs for rays and cod. Fixed rigs for Conger or Bass. Baits like wise, with sandeel proving a great universal bait to coax a bite from most species. Mackerel baits for whiting and small Turbot . Try Cuttlefish for specimen Conger Eel.

The Deeps fishes all year round.

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